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We are here to help you to solve your serious problems


At the Peaceful Practice, taking the time to understand you as an individual with unique circumstances is what sets us apart from other medical practices.  Healing is a transformation from illness to wellness and needs more than simply medications.  It needs good building blocks like sensible nutrition, reduced stress and a purposeful life. 


Click on the link to get 10 tips for living or schedule a consultation on how I can help you succeed in achieving your health goals.

Meet Dr. Mathew Silverman

I want to welcome and thank you for your interest in the Peaceful Practice.  Healing begins with understanding; understanding your background, culture and quirks that makes you YOU.  My mission is to elevate health and wellness for as many people as I can.  

My approach to restoring health is completely tailored to you.  I take the time to get your entire story right with appointments with enough time that allows you the opportunity to express yourself.  

In functional medicine, a metaphor of a tree is used to illustrate how it is important to focus on the roots which is the foundation of good health; nutrition, sleep, relaxation, exercise and relationships.  Optimizing these is essential to good health.  There is a place for medication and the goal is to treat disease while at the same time unlocking your potential for wellness.  

Healing only takes place when there is relaxation.  That's why every patient gets hands-on practice with decreasing stress using HeartMath to improve heart rate variability.  

You won't go at it alone either.  You'll have a coach (with myself) to guide and encourage you every step of the way.  

I invite you to explore how the Peaceful Practice can transform your health and life.  Please click on the link to schedule a phone consultation.

I look forward to helping you.  

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